What is QR Code?

Quick Responsive (QR) Code or QR Code is a 2D Bar Code consisting of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square pattern on a white background. Users need to use QR Code reader apps (i.e. NeoReader, RedLaser) to scan and read the QR Code.

Introducing MOLPay QRCode Payment

MOLPay QRCode Payment is new mobile shopping initiative that allows customers to scan and purchase items using its QR Codes through a smart phone or tablet.

How it works?

First, download QR code reader app (i.e. NeoReader, RedLaser). The app can be use to scan the QR Code Look from a particular merchant via posters, newspapers, magazines, etc. Once you are ready to pay, use MOLPay Payment on your mobile devices to run the order. MOLPay's automated system will fulfil the order while sending a notification to the respected merchant.

More info, please contact us at +603−55218438 or sales@molpay.com