MOLPay ProCheckout runs on mobile devices with optimized pages or responsive web design (RWD) technology to work efficiently with smaller mobile screens and keyboards. By leveraging on MOLPay ProCheckout implementation (or standard integration with MOLPay), you can take advantage of the mobile payment experience without any changes to the programming.

With MOLPay, you can sell anytime, anywhere while giving your customers a convenient payment experience through layout customization and fast integration.

optimized pages and RWD technology on iOS

Now MOLPay offers:

  • Convenience and a secure payment processes streamlined for all types of mobile devices

  • Available now for smart phone and mobile internet devices

  • QRCode Payment via mobile

  • Mobile SDK Library, allowing you to integrate MOLPay into your iOS or Android app

  • Layout customization and no extra integration

  • Mobile SDK also available for iOS & Android developer:
    available on iOS and android devices

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