Having a lot of loyal consumers are definitely a dream for every business's no matter in what industry. Loyal consumers are the best ambassadors, besides they are the strength for any business to grow bigger. Your loyal customers would likely help you in promoting your business to their colleagues.

But, it's not easy to get even one loyal consumer especially with the strong competitors and many start up companies springing up like mushrooms after the rain. With technology evolutions, the competition is undeniably fierce compared to previous years. Thus, it's really vital to make your business recognized by the loyal e-commerce consumers. Here are the ways to be recognized by the loyal e-commerce consumers.


Make sure nice experience with Website

Your site must be able to offer great convenience in order to enhance customer’s experiences with your site. Good experience will make them come back to you! Make your site is remarkable, so every time they want to shop online, your impressive website will pop up in their mind.


Give them promo code occasionally

Its undeniably the best trick ever for e-commerce site. It attracts customers to buy the products instantly with the promo code. Promo code usually consist of certain numbers or letters, sometimes it comes with free shipping. Believe it or not, this strategy essentially gives customer another reason to shop on your site.


Provide discounts from time to time

Discount is the reason of why your customers will come to you. People will announce to their friends about discount, like who doesn’t want discount, right? But, you have to plan your brand strategy before you come up with a discount. You should include it clearly, how much is the discount and the valid time so no problem will occur all of a sudden. Even with discount, find your best way to generate profits. Come up with different plans, so even if a plan fail you still got another back up plan.


Provide more payment options

If your site provides various type of payment options, it will be your competitive advantage. Customer can pay with whatever method they prefer, could be cash or online banking. Customers come from different age so they have different kind of payment preferences. As we know, senior citizens prefer to pay cash while millennials love to do everything online. When your payment processor is able to offer various of payment methods, it will help you to boost up your sales.


Nice Parcel Packaging

When the parcel arrives at customer’s door, they will be excited to see your packaging. If you have a nice parcel packaging, they will remember your shop, buy again and probably show to the world how beautiful it is. Put an appreciation note for your customers so they would likely to repeat and give you a good review, which indirectly will help to promote your products.

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